kangaroo boots

Kangaroo Boots (or "Power Bock Boots") were invented by Alexander Bock of Germany on Dec 21, 2001. The sport using Kangaroo Boots has become known as "Power Bocking". They are a devices which are strapped to the feet and provide amazing jumping power (hence "kangaroo") to the wearer by means of a spring system attached to both legs of the wearer. This spring system "enables the person", according to the patent, "by compression and deflection of at least one spring element, to walk on the ground by jumping step by step". The spring element is a powerful leaf spring (accomodating individuals up to 200 lbs in body weight), which has an arc-shaped configuration, and powers the jumber to rather remarkable heights.
Kangaroo Boots by Powerizer
The user of Kangaroo Boots is generally able to take strides of up to 9 feet, jump 5 or 6 feet off the ground and can run as fast as 20 mph.

KangarooBoots have been featured in an American Express Small Business TV commercial.

Kangaroo Boots (the Poweriser® Brand) were featured at Barak Obama's Inagural Ball in January 2009.



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